Personal Best 3, Painting of a Marathon Runner, is Done, for Real This Time

I declared this one done yesterday. Then I worked on it again last night. Then I tossed and turned all night thinking about how I was going to repaint it. This morning I got up early and with  just a few final touches, really finished it. Somehow the picture I had of it in my head was very skewed. It didn’t require a complete repaint, just a few well positioned highlights and a clear head. I think I need a nap now!

"Personal Best 3" Acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30", 2014, $700

“Personal Best 3″ Acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 30”, 2014, $700


Marathon Runner Painting is Getting There…


It’s missing the energy! I’m hoping one more session at the easel will put thi sone to bed. Right now, I still feel like the intensity isn’t there. I don’t feel the energy yet. I think it needs a bit more contrast….some big hits with white and black. I think the flatness of the color is what is keeping the energy level down.

Working on a New Personal Best Runner

I’m at about the midpoint of my latest athlete painting. I thought it would be interesting to document the process a bit as they tend to change dramatically over the life of the painting process.

Following are steps 1, 2, and 3:

PB3aa PB3bb PersonalBest3a PesonaNest3b


Personal Best Series: My New Runner is Female!

personalbest2The Personal Best series celebrates the movement, energy and tenacity of the runner. It also recognizes that everyone’s personal best is, well, personal!

I may never finish a marathon, or even a half, but for me, the triumph is in getting out and doing it. That’s the passion and energy I want to capture in this series.

All of the paintings are based on photos that I take at various races that I attend…sometimes as a runner, sometimes just to watch. None of them is any person in particular, but an essence of the runner. Someone in which we can all see ourselves.

For the most part, the form of the runner is fairly accurate, but what I really want to capture is the energy…that dynamic place where will meets ability and becomes something amazing!


More Paintings of Athletes

My IronMan paintings were delivered yesterday. I really enjoyed working on them! In fact, I will be starting a new runner soon. I took lots of photos at the Runner’s World Half Marathon and Festival this weekend. I’m going through them today looking for my next inspiration.


Another Acrylic Painting of a Runnner

Sometimes I am a runner. Sometimes I am a painter. Until recently, I used a wait-for-inspiration approach to both. I have, however, discovered that it is a lot more rewarding to create your own inspiration. Now I regularly try to exercise both my body and my mind. Hard work is the key to stirring creativity and energy.

This week, I gave my painting muscles a bit of a workout…

Ironman1:R2 Acrylic on canvas 24" x 30" 2013

Acrylic on canvas
24″ x 30″

Large Painting of a Marathon Runner

One of my neighbors, who has admired my cow paintings for some time, commissioned me to paint a series of three large paintings…of athletes! Welcome to me stepping outside of my comfort zone! It took me a while to get to a place where I felt good about where the painting was going. I painted over it at least five times! I changed the size and perspective of the figure at least 3 times. In the end, I feel like I was able to make my painting stye work with this subject…now I just need to paint two more, a swimmer and a cyclist. Stay tuned!

Painting of a marathon runner

Iron Man 1, Acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 30″, 2013