Watercolor Painting of a Little Girl in a Field of Flowers

Watercolor Painting of a Little Girl in a Field of Flowers

Little Girl Blue, watercolor on paper, 12″ x 9″, 2013


In Honor of the Puppy Bowl 34:365

Day 34 of my one a day resolution: We’re switching back and forth between the Superbowl and the Puppy bowl, but puppies are much more fun to draw!

Siberian husky puppy

The Husky Nose 33:365

Drawing of a siberian huksyDays 33 of my one a day resolution: Meadow has been a guest of MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue for over a year. She was raised in a family with a small child, which is evident in her good manners. She takes treats from your hand with such gentleness that you know she was trained to be careful with a child. She also tolerates big bear hugs and all manner of touches and tugs. She is a sweet and gentle girl who is also ready to throw down and play if you say the word. So why is this girl still homeless? I’ve noticed over my years in rescue that young ones often go very quickly because they are cute and playful and everyone wants a bouncy, beatiful husky. Then there are the people who feel sorry for the old guys, It takes longer to find them good homes, but their stories touch the old heart strings and eventually they find the perfect retirement home. Meadow is middle aged. People looking for a young dog thinks she is too old, but she isn’t old enough to play the senior dog card. Too bad, because she is wonderful. She will make a great addition to some very lucky family someday!

Another Husky Drawing with Conte Crayons 25:365

Day 25 of my one a day resolution: I am really enjoying experimenting with my old Conte crayons. I don’t remember liking them this much. You can achieve great detail and subtle shading and at the same time put down great, wild, bold strokes! Fun! Fun! Tonight’s drawing is another memorial portrait. The stories I heard over the years about Lava tell me that his personality matched the bold, crazy lines I used to draw him.


There’s a Problem with Dogs 22:365

Day 22 of my one a day resolution: There is a terrible problem with dogs. They don’t live anywhere near long enough! I lost two beloved dogs last year and so many of my friends have recently lost their dogs too. In fact, quite a few of the drawings I’ve done lately have been memorials. Tonight’s drawing is of Lava. He was the ONE of my friend Tish. If you are a dog person you know what that means. Every dog is special, but there is that one. Lava was hers. I hope I have captured something of his spirit in this charcoal sketch.

Siberian husky drawingMy seven-year-old daughter’s ONE was Flora, who passed away almost three years ago. Tonight she joins my One a Day project with her own drawing of Flora.

Drawing of a siberian husly

Another Drawing of a Siberian Husky 21:365

Day 21 of my one a day resolution: I hope people like looking at huskies as much as I like drawing them! Tonight I did another charcoal sketch of my friend’s husky, Tia. She lost Tia a week or two before I lost Juno, so I know she still feels the emptiness. Drawing helps me…I hope the drawings help her too.

siberian husky art

Siberian Husky Portrait for a Friend 19:365

Day nineteen of my one a day resolution: About ten years ago, I made several friends on a listserv called Sibernet. We shared a love for our Siberian huskies and spent time chatting about them online. Over the years we have shared the ups of saving huskies in need from shelters and we have comforted each other when one or another has lost a cherished friend. Through all of this, most of us have never met in person. Not too long before I lost my last Siberian, Juno, one of my “sibe friends” also lost her husky, Tia. Juno and Tia obviously never really met…Juno was from Pennsylvania and Tia lived in Canada…but they and several others “played” together virtually via Sibernet. So Juno and Tia going to the “rainbow bridge” together means that they will finally meet. This is a charcoal sketch of Tia that I will be sending to Canada soon. I hope her mom likes it.

Siberian husky art drawing