Personal Best 4

Personal Best 4; Acrylic on stretched canvas, 24″ x 30″, $750

Another in my Personal Best series. This one combines spray paint with acrylics for a somewhat different look.

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Personal Best 3


“Personal Best 3″ Acrylic on stretched canvas, 24″ x 30” | $750

The Personal Best series celebrates the movement, energy and tenacity of the runner. It also recognizes that everyone’s personal best is, well, personal!

I may never finish a marathon, or even a half, but for me, the triumph is in getting out and doing it. That’s the passion and energy I want to capture in this series.

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Iron Dog

Iron Dog: The Runner Acrylic on canvas board 16" x 20" 2013

Iron Dog: The Runner; Acrylic on canvas board
16″ x 20″ 2013 | $200

There any creature that is more athletic than a sled dog? These animals run for hundreds of miles in the freezing cold. I think I have probably painted or drawn this dog, or some version of this dog, at least fifteen times, if not more. I love the image of a sled dog doing what they love most and do best. It’s like painting pure joy.

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Nic’s Little Mermaid

Nic's Little Mermaid Acrylic on canvas board 24" x 18" 2013

Nic’s Little Mermaid; Acrylic on canvas board, 24″ x 18″, 2013 | $200

Over the past year, my daughter has become a bit obsessed with mermaids. We’ve been slowly redecorating her room with a mermaid theme. I had a little extra paint on my palette after I finished my swimmer, so I painted this…

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Helping Homeless Huskies

arctic wolf painting

Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. 2012

I just listed an original painting on e-bay to help raise funds for MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue. I am on the board of this 501-c3 organization, which rescues and re-homes neglected, abandoned and abused dogs. We just completed construction on new kennels and will be able to welcome more huskies into our care. We do, however, have a large vet bill to pay and with more dogs come more expenses. Please help spread the word! Thank you!

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Watching an Old Dog Get Older

Every day I watch my old dog get a little bit older. I watch her stumble a bit more and eat a bit less. I wonder if she will be here tomorrow. And somehow, miraculously, she is. So I continue watching my old dog get older.


This is the last painting I did of Junie. I’m sure I will paint others, but for now, this one tells her story.