Artist’s Statement

I LOVE animals! All kinds of animals! Especially dogs. I have my own furbabies, Juno and Harley, two senior Siberian Huskies and I am active in Siberian husky rescue. My greatest inspiration comes from animals and nature.

I routinely cry over dogs I have never met who are languishing in shelters somewhere in the world. I have a lot of trouble understanding how anyone could ever purposely hurt “man’s best friend.” I often think I should be able to communicate the plight of these animals through my art, but my paintings always seem to reflect the world that I wish existed for them. I hope my “dogs” make people smile and maybe appreciate them just a little more.

You can follow me on Twitter to stay in top of what’s going on at MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue, where I am on the board of directors. I sometimes donate artwork to MaPaw to help raise funds for dogs in need.