Another Memorial Drawing 49:365

Sadly, MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue lost another life yesterday. It happens too often. But, in a way, it’s a good thing. While MaPaw rehomes many young, healthy dogs, they genuinely have a soft spot for special needs dogs and seniors. And they often just don’t have that many years left. The years they have, though, are lived with love. They don’t spend their last days in a shelter, sleeping in a cage. They share a home with a family. If they are still able to jump high enough, many sleep in the foster parents’ bed! So, yes, we are all terribly sad that Sadie has left us. We are also extremely pleased that she spent her final days in comfort, surrounded by love.

Siberian husky drawing

Day 49 of my one a day resolution: Yes! I skipped a few days. You caught me! I haven’t been keeping up with my resolution to draw every day. Been busy, been sick, etc. No excuses! I will be catching up! I officially owe days 38 through 48. I already have a landscape drawing and a dog painting to post, so I’m not too far behind. Guess I’ll be busy drawing today!


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