The Husky Nose 33:365

Drawing of a siberian huksyDays 33 of my one a day resolution: Meadow has been a guest of MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue for over a year. She was raised in a family with a small child, which is evident in her good manners. She takes treats from your hand with such gentleness that you know she was trained to be careful with a child. She also tolerates big bear hugs and all manner of touches and tugs. She is a sweet and gentle girl who is also ready to throw down and play if you say the word. So why is this girl still homeless? I’ve noticed over my years in rescue that young ones often go very quickly because they are cute and playful and everyone wants a bouncy, beatiful husky. Then there are the people who feel sorry for the old guys, It takes longer to find them good homes, but their stories touch the old heart strings and eventually they find the perfect retirement home. Meadow is middle aged. People looking for a young dog thinks she is too old, but she isn’t old enough to play the senior dog card. Too bad, because she is wonderful. She will make a great addition to some very lucky family someday!


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