Catching Up On My Drawings 29 30 31 32:365

Days 29, 30, 31 and 32 of my one a day resolution: I may not have been posting to AnimalCraft, but I have been drawing. The past few days have been a bit busier than usual. My daughter has been battling a virus, I’ve been catching up at work and in between, we’ve had all of life’s usual events. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to draw something every day. Bear in mind, I’m not promising that any of it is good!

Day 29: This is a quick sketch of my daughter bundled up to sell Girl Scout Cookies.


Day 30: On the 30th, I drew two different versions of a mocking bird who visited our bird feeders earlier in the day. The first sketch was done with a large, charcoal pencil using strong, expressive strokes. The second sketch was meant to be much more detailed, showing a more realistic representation of the bird.

013013dontmock 013013mockingbirdDay 31: On the 31st, I gave the same mocking bird a much more abstract treatment. I’m trying to find the spot where I feel like I am representing the true nature of the animal, yet introducing enough of myself so it doesn’t fell like I’m merely recording a scene.

013113birdscratchesDay 31: I drew a quick sketch of my seven-year-old daughter last night while she was playing games on her laptop. Somehow she looks more like a teenager!



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