I Have Nothing to Say


Cute little chickadee came to the feeder today.

I challenged myself at the beginning of the year to draw or paint and write every day for 365 consecutive days. I have done it. When it comes to drawing, I think I have done it pretty well. I can see that my skills are improving. I am, for me, relatively happy with the results. I also created a couple of what I hope are memorable gifts for friends.

To meet my writing goal, I write brief descriptions of my drawings and post them to my blog. This is clearly cheating! Yes, it’s writing. And I do try to choose my words thoughtfully, avoid run-on sentences, and I have been trying to avoid using a passive voice (Ha! I avoid using a passive voice). I’m not sure that’s quite enough.

The question comes to mind, what do I write when I have nothing to say? I describe my drawings. So, what do I say about them? Do I actually need to tell the reader that I drew a dog. Hopefully they can SEE that it’s a dog. My style isn’t particularly abstract! Do I tell them that I added some magenta to the ears? Again, obvious.

Sometimes I just draw to improve my skills. But sometimes there’s a story. I hope somehow the way the story affects me is transmitted through my work, but the details of the story. They might have meaning for others. They may affect someone else they way they moved me.

Maybe I do have something to say. It may be time to start trying to say it with words. Art can communicate on an emotional level, but words can inform. They can fill in the gaps and maybe even add to the emotional response. Time to stop cheating! I will let the viewer describe what my work looks like. I will start to explain what it means, at least to me.


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