Home Sick and Lots of Drawing

No, not me. I was working! My daughter has what ever nasty respiratory bug is going around and could not go to school today. She was sent home yesterday with a fever and even though she is back to normal today, she go back until she has been normal for 24 hours (good luck with that…she’s never all that normal!) So while I posted to Facebook and composed internal messaging, she sat on the couch and doodled in her sketchbook. She’s developing quite an individual style! I plan to send her to a cartooning class in the spring. I hope it helps her hone her skills and doesn’t encourage her to conform to the teacher’s style. I think she is already enough of her own person to keep that from happening.

I combined a few of my favorite girls here:

cartoon drawing of teenage girls
Check out all of her great work in the cartoon gallery!


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