Wild Goose Chase 27:365

Day 27 of my one a day resolution: My daughter and I had an unforgettable experience today. As we were driving home from selling Girl Scout cookies, we spotted a large (as in thousands) flock of snow geese circling the cornfield at the edge of the road. We worked our way around to a parking lot near the place where they were landing and set out on foot to try to photograph them. Snow geese literally hid the sky, and the earth was a sea of white. They were everywhere. We got to within about 30 feet of them when a large chunk of the flock took off! Their wings sounded like a train. Once again, wings obscured the sky! Eventually, they settled back down and we retreated to the warmth of the car, still giddy from our adventure. What an experience!

Drawing of a flock of snow geese in eastern pennsylvania

Photograph of a flock of snow geese


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