Siberian Husky Portrait for a Friend 19:365

Day nineteen of my one a day resolution: About ten years ago, I made several friends on a listserv called Sibernet. We shared a love for our Siberian huskies and spent time chatting about them online. Over the years we have shared the ups of saving huskies in need from shelters and we have comforted each other when one or another has lost a cherished friend. Through all of this, most of us have never met in person. Not too long before I lost my last Siberian, Juno, one of my “sibe friends” also lost her husky, Tia. Juno and Tia obviously never really met…Juno was from Pennsylvania and Tia lived in Canada…but they and several others “played” together virtually via Sibernet. So Juno and Tia going to the “rainbow bridge” together means that they will finally meet. This is a charcoal sketch of Tia that I will be sending to Canada soon. I hope her mom likes it.

Siberian husky art drawing


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