In Art, Compostition is King!

I can’t take credit for planning this, but I love the result. The composition of this drawing is fun and surprising. It’s pleasing to the eye and it helps tell the story of this great Great Dane.

drawing of a great dane

We recently lost our last Siberian husky. Our house seems empty. We all miss the click of doggy toe-nails on the tile floor in the kitchen. Needless to say, even though we are not planning to welcome a new dog into our house for a few months, we have been looking around at different breeds and fantasizing about having a dog like that in our home. One of the dogs my husband is considering is a Great Dane. I think a Dane may be just a hair too tall!

I did this sketch to get the feeling for the shape of a Dane’s head. I hadn’t quite expected to run out of room so quickly, but I love the way the composition turned out! I may work this one into a painting at some point. I absolutely love the eyes! They are so expressive!


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