Kids Paint Hope

“How do you think a child with cancer feels when they come to the hospital for treatment?” That was one of the questions second-graders in Brownie Troop 683 asked themselves while they brainstormed a mural for Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Pediatric Cancer department. The girls thought perhaps kids facing cancer felt sad and scared and maybe a little angry, so they decided to create something that was the opposite. They chose the “HOPE” and lots of bright colors and they got to work earning their painting badge. The 12 girls in the troop broke into groups of 3 and worked collaboratively on 4 20” x 20” canvases, creating their version of a pop-art style “mural” that will be hung in one of the common areas of the LVPG Pediatric Hematology and Oncology. “I just love the colors!” was the response from Rose Schenk, pediatric social worker, when the mural arrived at her office. “It was so sweet of them to think of our kids!” she added. She and her colleagues will be hanging the mural soon. Thank you Brownies!



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