What is it About Cows?

I paint wolves all the time. It makes sense. I’m a dog person. I live with a dog. In the past, I lived with four dogs. Not just dogs, Siberian huskies! I might as well have been living with wolves. Painting wolves makes so much sense. So why do I love cows? I never lived on a farm. I did grow up in the country, but not really in the country. It was certainly not you’d call rural. We lived less than two hours outside of New York City. It was more “country” than country. And yet, I really do love cows! And I love to paint them! Today, after taking a fairly long painting break, I headed intot he studio and set to work on a new cow painting. I just love to paint cows!

You Moooove Me cow painting

You Moooove Me, Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 36, 2012


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