Seeing Things Differently!

One of my favorite artists has always been Vincent Van Gogh. There are so many reasons; his use of color, his bold strokes, his unique vision. The other day, while viewing his work at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I realized that it was also his ability to see something beautiful in anything and everything he saw. There were pieces on display that depicted nothing more that a hard full of dandelions or a pair of dirty work boots that were stunning. This show, “Up Close”, was a collection of his later work where he often took a more personal, close approach to his subject. His style is still the same, but the focus is closer.

I came home inspired! I’m looking at color and life in a new way, thinking about exaggerating the brilliance, taking metal pictures of sunsets, trying to see clouds as living, breathing objects. I’m also taking a closer look at the things I walk by everyday. Today I took a really good look at some dried leaves around the roots of my grape vines…if I can capture this…oh if I can capture this…

East entrance to the Philadelphia Museum of Art


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