Rescue Me: Prince

My friend, Lorraine, runs an amazing rescue in New Jersey named Husky House. They help huskies, obviously, but they also help lots of puppies along with, surprisingly, a variety of lap dog type dogs. Right now, they have their hands very full with a litter of puppies who are fighting for their lives!

PLEASE HELP Husky House Puppies! URGENT DONATIONS NEEDED! In the last 48 hours several pups have come down with Parvo & have been hospitalized at GSVS. The bills are huge.. 10,000-12,000 & we are praying no more break with it. PLEASE help us save far, Ricky,Lucy,Ethel, and Dopey are in the hospital. Donations can be sent thru paypal at or you can call the hospital directly to make a donation.

Before I knew anything was happening with the puppies, I decided to paint Prince, a little yorkie puppy, with the hopes of auctioning it for Husky House. I finished it up this morning. I think I will be starting on a painting of one of the pups in the morning to add to the auction.

Rescue Me: Prince, Acylic on canvas board, 16" x 12", 2012


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