Dylan and Taylor

Watercolor by Kathryn Armstrong 12/2008

Watercolor by Kathryn Armstrong 12/2008

This year, I decided to give things that I make rather than buy a bunch of over-priced nic-nacs that nobody actually wants anyway. This is the first painting that I completed. It is my friend’s grandchildren. She is going to give it to her daughter for Christmas. I still have to complete one for her, but I won’t be seeing her again until after  the holiday break, so I have time.

I also completed an acrylic portrait of my neighbor’s dog who recently passed and a watercolor of another friend’s new dog.

So far, I have given both watercolors and they have been very well received. I need to wrap uo the acrylic for a Christmas visit…hopefully it will also be liked.

It’s particularly gratifying to give a gift of yourself and have people love it! I am inspired to do a lot of painting over the holidays! My daughter and I set up and paint side-by-side. Sometimes we help each other. Sometimes we just enjoy each other’s company. Either way, it’s always great fun!


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